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Civil Law, Civil, Mercantile and Labor Procedures

In both individual and collective law we provide our services to employers as well as workers. In matters such as prevention of disputes, internal organization, recruitment classes, we give a total advice in order to take full control of the legal employment situation of all staff.


Our firm offers specialized professional patronage in the different areas of civil law, such as divorce, private contracting, family law and inheritance, and everything else. We offer legal advice in civil law and litigation in civil and commercial matters. Which is related to the civil process in its various areas.

Criminal Law

Our firm has specialists in the Criminal area of ​​recognized prestige, who provide a preventive and legal defense service in this type of processes.

Our trajectory in this field is very wide, reason why we have been recognized so much at national level with cases of much public interest, as well as international.

Family Right

Our firm offers qualified and personalized attention in matters of food pensions, diminution, reductions, possession, visits, domestic violence, paternity judgments.

Constitutional Right

The firm in this matter, sponsors constitutional actions such as: protection actions, extraordinary protection actions, precautionary measures constitutional, resources will have date.

Intellectual Property

AGUIRRE & AGUIRRE LAWYERS, focuses its experience to achieve efficient and creative methods to achieve the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights at the national, regional and international level.

We give integral advice to companies starting from the analysis and protection of their intellectual assets, to the support in strategies of expansion to new international markets.

We provide our clients with advice regarding trademarks, rights of reproduction of materials and commercial use of the property, registration and license for the management of patents, trademarks and registration rights in the development of a product.

Companies and Stock Market

We are representatives of buyers, sellers, investors, shareholders and / or partners in the various types of companies incorporated or on the way to be constituted both locally and abroad to provide full advice on important corporate transactions such as: mergers, acquisitions, Franchises, stock and asset purchases, capital increases, statutory reforms, recapitalizations, reorganizations, proxy litigation, change of control, business management, etc. Our practice in Securities Market includes the representation of issuers, bankers, investors and institutions that acquire such documents in public and private offers through Ecuadorian and foreign placements. Trying this way to give an optimal service to our customers.

Taxes and Tax Planning

Includes all aspects of domestic as well as international finance, financial products, banking, corporate affairs, partnerships, consortiums, commercial leases, employee benefits and company liquidations and bailouts.

We have a full range of professionals in tax consultancy.

Government Practices and Government Procurement

AGUIRRE & AGUIRRE LAWYERS, is responsible for developing strategies, alternative proposals and the language of reports, analyzing legislative provisions and regulations, developing complex legal and public issues.

We have experience in government projects of natural resources, public transport, housing, public projects, telecommunications and industrial regulations, throughout the negotiation process, bidding, supply and public procurement at both local government and central government levels.


In this field, it is essential to highlight the experience and expertise in advising insurance companies, reinsurance companies, agencies and insurance agents, insurance experts, corporate and claims and claims companies, which includes the sponsorship of Our professionals in administrative claims, judicial matters, extrajudicial negotiations, mediation and arbitration, management before the different entities and body controlling the insurance activity in the country.

Banking and Finance

Our service includes the full range of activities from financing to re-structuring in which our clients are involved. Our capacity is well recognized in the banking and financial sector.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our practice in this area, in the different Mediation and Arbitration Centers, both national and international, has allowed us to assure our clients a proper representation of their interests; With professionals who master this practice of conflict resolution

International Negotiation

Recruitment and international negotiation are a fundamental part of our experience, which includes development, adaptation, personalization, distribution and licensing of products and services in the national and international scope, as well as negotiation and subscription of the corresponding international contracts that seek to ensure The protection of the active and intangible patrimony of all our clients.

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